Tuesday, October 21, 2008

They're Here!

Today we launched our 2 new products, the keepsake box and the photo frame at www.staciedaledesigns.com . I've been wanting to offer a smaller version of our popular keepsake chests for quite some time and have finally found a way to get it done! I hope you all enjoy the new boxes and frames and as always, if you have an idea of a custom design you would like, just let me know and I'll do my best to accomodate. I want to thank Pam Long at Long Consulting for all of her wonderful advice and hard work on my website. You can find her at http://www.longcsi.com .
Also today, I received a copy of HybridMom magazine with our business listed among many other wonderful mom-owned businesses. It's always great to be a part of a larger community of people with similar goals. Visit www.hybridmom.com to see what they're all about!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Well today I think I've seen someone I used to know hit a new low. From time to time I like to browse competitor websites just to see what else is out in the market in comparison to what I'm doing. Today, I saw a company introduce a new product that is an exact copy of another well-known product in the baby market. Now, I don't know for certain that the other company isn't OK with this, but I'd find it highly unusual. I won't name names but let's just say this person has been accused of this before so why go down that road again?

Maybe I'm making too much of it? I know there are other artists out there doing keepsake boxes like me, but I hope mine are unique enough to stand on their own. I have even once had the misfortune of unknowingly painting a wall hanging for a customer (back in the day when I owned my own little store) that was similar to one out in the market and I got called on it and rightfully so. But to knowingly copy another company's product and market it as your own seems ruthless. But perhaps that is their mantra. All I can say is,what goes around, comes around.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Steady As She Goes!

Well this has certainly been one heck of a rollercoaster ride on the stock market this week. I just received my statement for my kids college education funds and my IRA and let me tell ya, I'm back where I was three years ago. Feels like I just can't ever catch a break but hopefully in the long run ....the very long run., all will work out.
October has been a little slow to start but things are starting to pick up. It's been sort of nice to have a few days to sketch some new ideas and think about things before jumping back in to work. There's lots going on politically as well which has been captivating my attention for what feels like forever. I'm a die-hard Democrat married to a die-hard Republican so you can imagine the "spirited conversations" in my household. The economy has been a big topic of discussion obviously, but I'm taking a tip from my Republican husband to keep calm about our investments and go slow and steady before acting on any "Sell, Sell, Sell!" impulses I may have. I'm trying to think long-term for my money and for my company but it is difficult with so much uncertainty. I know the slow-down can't last forever, but like this election cycle...it sure feels like forever. Wishing everyone the best in these tumultuous times.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Things Are Brewing

Well, it is now October 3rd and I am going tomorrow to my dear friend, Linda McManus,, http://www.lindamcmanusimages.com , to have my new line of keepsake boxes photographed. I'm excited to be able to offer a less expensive alternative to the keepsake chests and also offer some hand painted photo frames which make fabulous holiday gifts!

After all of the tough financial times Americans are feeling, I hope that my less expensive alternatives are something customers will enjoy. I had a nice conversation yesterday with Jamie of Jamie's Painting & Design, http://www.jamiespnd.com about the tough financial situation right now and I hope that in November we all make an informed vote to help turn this country around. Jamie has a background in animation and her painted tiles are a wonderful personalized holiday gift as well. She's also got alot of great advice for entrepreneurs on her blog so take a minute and read what she has to say.

I'll be emailing all of my previous customers and retailers to introduce you to the new product line so look for an email from me soon!