Thursday, August 27, 2009

I Love Zazzle

Well it's been a long while since my last entry. I've decided to stay committed to the keepsake chests & boxes for 2 more years while I get some other things under way. I had a great time teaching this Summer at The Phoenix Village Art Center and will be teaching some after school classes this Fall. I must be crazy taking on teaching during the holiday's always crazy so this year will just be more so.
The most exciting thing I have been working on lately is designing products on Zazzle . I love how easy it is to design something and put it up for sale in just's genius. I'm awaiting delivery of my first product from Zazzle to see if it looks as good in person as it does on the computer screen...fingers crossed! There will be a link to zazzle from my website shortly and I will be emailing all of my customers to introduce them to this new line of clothing and gifts, What fun! Until next time...keep up the creativity!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Time for a Change

Well, I've been painting boxes now for almost 12 years. I'm tired. I feel a little like Forrest Gump after he ran across the country and back. I wonder what has me so distracted lately? Is it that I don't enjoy the wholesale end of the business? Is it that I'm just tired of painting what other people want? I just don't know.
Lately I find myself wanting to work more on my organic clothing line and I am also going back to school at age 39 to get my certificate in Arts Administration. I just all of a sudden feel like I've done all I can do with the keepsake boxes. I could keep painting them for another 20 years but I'm just not sure I want to. It's been difficult to find new sources of inspiration and usually when that happens, I just need to do something else for awhile. I'd like to have some more "a-ha!" moments in my life and try something new before I hit the big 4-0. I'm leaning toward doing away with wholesale and going back to just direct retailing on my website. Life was much simpler then and I had time to work on a bigger variety of things. Don't worry, I wouldn't get rid of the retailers I have. Just no new ones. I have alot of thinking to do this Summer and hopefully by September, I'll be able to sort it all out.
Change is scary but standing still is boring.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Once In Awhile....

Ok. Once in awhile you come across something so darn cute that you just have to tell everyone you know about it. Today I was at the Media Art & Craft Show in Media, PA and I found the most adorable girl's clothing. . I know what you're thinking...."I've seen a million stay-at-home-moms add bows & ruffles to clothing and think they're clothing designers." Ah-ha! That's where this is different. Better With A Bow has a truly keen eye for what colors and fabrics go togetehr and her styles are inventive. More importantly, they are well-made! I should know as someone who has a B.S. in Fashion Design what it takes to make a well-made garment. These are well made and just the most adorable styling. I purchased a hand crocheted tank sweater for my daughter and I wish it came in my size! Better With A Bow's fabric choices are unique and not your run-of-the-mill local fabric store stuff. If you're looking for a truly special dress or outfit for your daughter, check out . You won't be disappointed. I can't wait to order something else!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Full of Ideas

Well I'm happy spring is here but I sure would like the wamer weather to come along with. Every Spring I get rejuvenated and a flood of new ideas come popping in to my head. It's great to have those creative juices flowing but difficult to reign the ones in that will be profitable. Many times I have ideas that are great for someone else. For example, I have alot of new ideas for the American Revolution Center that is being built here in Lower Providence Township, PA. Lucky for them, I wrote them all down and will present them to their new president! LOL

I've also got alot of new ideas for Stacie Dale Designs Inc. I'm working on some hand painted dresses and even considerng a new spin on an exisiting product. I also found a company I thought was really neat! is a maufacturer of bed crowns. I just love these. You've probably seen them over the beds of royalty and in places like the Governor's Palace in Williamsburg, VA but now you can have one of your own! They're just pretty.

Well, I've got lots of time to tinker around with my new ideas. Sales for March were great but April tends to be a calmer month for me so I'm looking forward to spending time with just me and my paints. Until next time...

Monday, January 19, 2009

Fresh New Faces...lots of changes.

So far 2009 has brought many changes to the baby/child product industry. We've seen wonderful companies like Posh Tots ( who was purchased just over a year ago by etoys) file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. We've seen how the CPSIA law is affecting many small businesses and putting some in financial distress to pay for lead and pthalate testing. It's been a tough start but there are some bright spots!
There's an adorable website , , that sells a very select assortment of baby and toddler clothing and gifts. They are selling alot of their old inventory at 65% off in order to clear out merchandise that hasn't had to be tested before the CPSIA law goes into effect on 2/10/09 so hurry on over and get the cutest baby gift or a great deal on some beautiful boutique clothing for your little one.
Another change that's coming. For those who are thinking about giving Arbonne products ( ) a try, do it before Feb. 1, 2009. There are changes to the structuring where those who become consultants ( and you don't even have to sell the products!) currently receive a 35% discount on all products. In Feb., it changes to 20%. Those who already have the 35% discount will always get to keep it so if you haven't tried this phenomenal line of skin care and cosmetics, now is the time to do it! If you order online, tell them Kelly Mosteller is your consultant ID# 16690023. Her phone#215-646-4676. I'm not a fan of the home party biz but Arbonne products do what they say and I'm a tough sell. Love them!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year, New Questions

Well, it's January 3rd and I've been reading alot about the new CPSIA law that was enacted with the intention of preventing lead and other harmful substances from reaching the mouths of kids and babies. While this sounds like a great idea, the law is about to put alot of small businesses in a very unfair and tough position. Every product that is intended for use by a child under 12 years old, must be tested by a Consumer Product Safety Commission accredidated lab for potentially harmful substances or pieces beginning February 1, 2009. This includes children's clothing, furniture. toys and baby products. While I think it's a great idea to test products for harmful substances, there's no way that a children's clothing company can possibly have their garments tested at a price tag of $500 each! Lead can't even tranfer from fabric on to the skin. Has anyone died from lead in fabric? I'm still waiting for an answer from the CPSC about whether or not I am even included in this as my products are meant for parents to use but potentially can be given to their children anytime before age 12 to handle. For many small toy companies, even those who make 100% natural wood toys!, this may be too much of a cost to incur to make staying in business worthwhile. Let me know your toughts on this. Is the law too far overreaching or is it fine to force businesses who can't afford the testing OOB?