Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Full of Ideas

Well I'm happy spring is here but I sure would like the wamer weather to come along with. Every Spring I get rejuvenated and a flood of new ideas come popping in to my head. It's great to have those creative juices flowing but difficult to reign the ones in that will be profitable. Many times I have ideas that are great for someone else. For example, I have alot of new ideas for the American Revolution Center that is being built here in Lower Providence Township, PA. Lucky for them, I wrote them all down and will present them to their new president! LOL

I've also got alot of new ideas for Stacie Dale Designs Inc. I'm working on some hand painted dresses and even considerng a new spin on an exisiting product. I also found a company I thought was really neat! is a maufacturer of bed crowns. I just love these. You've probably seen them over the beds of royalty and in places like the Governor's Palace in Williamsburg, VA but now you can have one of your own! They're just pretty.

Well, I've got lots of time to tinker around with my new ideas. Sales for March were great but April tends to be a calmer month for me so I'm looking forward to spending time with just me and my paints. Until next time...