Monday, November 1, 2010

Ready for the holidays!

It's November 1st and boy do I feel like the worst blogger ever. It's been months! On a happy note, it's been months because I've been busy. Although I still see signs of a dragging economy, I see some bright lights too. Many of the websites (mostly mom-owned) that started on a similar journey a few years ago have fallen by the wayside. Those that structured their businesses on unique ideas and didn't copycat others, seem to have stayed in the game. Many of us in the baby gift and decor business have found ways to streamline and have gotten alot more savvy with how we present our business. Websites have had makeovers, retailers have learned that less is more, and we've all weathered the storm together.
I'm happy to have had a little bit of time to create some new keepsake boxes but still have several more to get done. I will also be adding some new products this year: a book caddy which I really like and a whole new assortment of more expensive furniture - YES! I said more expensive. Why? Why would I add more expensive products in a down economy? Well, I've been itching to do some one-of-a-kind pieces that encompass alot more artwork, therefore, they will be at a higher price point. These new pieces will be under "The Monarch Collection" and should start showing up in early 2011. It will give me a chance to work on pieces that bring me joy and encourage my creativity, rather than focusing on pieces I can crank out for mass retail. I don't mind one bit doing the latter, but as an artist, I sometimes need to do something different.
I feel ready to take on the holidays this year and am so thankful for the wonderful customers I have and the select retailers who are also wonderful to work with. I hope everyone has a profitable holiday season but more importantly, a joyous one where we can all give thanks for being able to keep going. Happy holidays!

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